Explore the archipelago

Feel the breeze, explore the bays, see the best of islands

Jump on board!

Discover the beauties of Murter’s archipelago by your boat

Imagine the hidden coves where you are one of the few visitors, crystal clear turquoise sea and natural pebble beaches inviting you for a refreshing swim.

A sailboat anchored in the calm waters off Murter Island, with a rugged, barren hillside in the background under a clear blue sky

If you have your boat, you can explore the area of Murter island and its bays and beaches that you couldn’t reach any other way.

Sunset over the ocean, viewed from a small boat

Many islands in Murter’s vicinity will enthuse you with their breathtaking coves and transparent sea. The islands of the National Park Kornati are world-known for their turquoise clear sea and spectacular sights.

We offer safe mooring in our marina, so you are welcome to bring your boat and get the best out of your holidays on the Adriatic coastline.

No Boat, No Problem

Join an organised tour to remember!

If you want to enjoy the beauty of the marine landscape, you can rent a boat for a daily cruise or participate in an organised boat tour.

Bow of a boat cutting through water.

A partner agency in the Camping Jezera Lovišća resort organises sailing tours you can join and experience the strength of the winds and the fun of exploring the islands in the best possible way. You can also try out windsurfing and enjoy the amazing feeling of mastering the winds.

There are organised tours of watching dolphins. Of course, as they are wild animals, there are no guarantees you’ll see them but as they are a part of the Murters Sea wildlife, there is a high possibility of admiring their jumps out of the water just next to the boat.

Make sure you record it, as it is an experience you’ll want to share!