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Explore the natural heritage near Murter

Wonders near and far

Discover the surroundings of the island Murter

We invite you to explore the Mainland and the Sea Estate. In the past, the inhabitants of Murter owned most of the land in Modrave close to the Vransko lake and referred to it as the mainland estate.

Elevated view from a rocky hilltop overlooking the expansive Adriatic Sea with scattered islands and the coastline of Murter Island in the distance

That is the area of today's Park of Nature Vransko Lake.

Murter’s families are proprietors of the land in the National Park Kornati Islands, known as the sea estate.

Tranquil harbor with moored boats reflecting in the water at dusk, with a view of the terraced houses of a charming town Šibenik

Explore both and experience the reasons why these magical sights are protected areas.

Park of Nature Vrana lake

Sweetwater lake just a mile from the sea

Vrana lake is a protected area with diverse habitats, extremely important for migratory birds, as it is the largest sweetwater lake on the Croatian coastline.

Peaceful lake surrounded by gentle hills under a cloudy sky on Murter Island, a natural escape from the coastal scenery.

Its marshland is crucial for some bird and fish species and it is at the same time a large area with educational and recreation trails.

There are three entrances to this Park of Nature, Prosika is the closest to Murter.

That is also the point where you can buy the entrance ticket and start your cycling or hiking trip, for a kilometre to the peninsula Babin škoj or around the lake, for almost 50 km.

Gravel pathway leading to a wooden observation deck by the lake in the natural landscape of Murter Island, inviting exploration and bird watching.

You can reach all the interesting sights by car as well, with the viewpoint on the top of the hill Kamenjak and the ornithological sight Crkvine.

National Park Kornati islands

Experience the supreme beauty of the legendary islands

Kornati islands are a marvel on the Croatian coastline, proclaimed a National Park due to the importance of this maritime habitat.

Breathtaking view from a vantage point on Murter Island, overlooking the serene Adriatic Sea and scattered islets under a clear blue sky.

The cultural heritage of the islands is visible in the remains of Toreta, a 6th-century Byzantine tower but also in the kilometres of drywalls that Murter people have built throughout the centuries of land and sheep farming on Kornati islands.

Today National Park embraces more than 140 islands in front of the largest island, Kornat, forming a crown that had given the name to the whole island group.

Rugged cliffs jutting out into the deep blue sea under a clear sky, showcasing the dramatic coastline of Murter Island.

It is one of the most breathtaking parts of the Adriatic Sea with amazingly transparent water and swimming in this area is a memory for your whole life.

Krka - the karst beauty

Explore the river and its marvellous waterfalls

We have to mention the National Park Krka, as it is one of the most known and visited ones in Šibenik’s area.

Stunning aerial view of a serene lake nestled among lush green hills under a sky dotted with fluffy white clouds on the Krka river

With its stupendous waterfalls, it is a definite highlight of the mainland attractions.

Seven waterfalls and hundreds of kilometres of cycling and hiking trails promise an unforgettable experience of pure nature.