General Conditions



Article 1 Rebranding notification

Starting from 5th of March 2019 Eurotravel Solutions d.o.o. is doing business under a new brand name TOPENA.

Telephone numbers, both landline and mobile, as well as the official name Eurotravel Solutions d.o.o. with the associated VAT number and address stay the same until the next phase of our re-branding

Article 2 Offer and booking

A guest who, after sending a booking inquiry to Jezera Mobile Homes, gets the offer from TOPENA or the authorized subagent, must confirm it in writing (by mail, fax) to the subagent or TOPENA if they want to book accommodation in Jezera Mobile Homes.

When booking, the guest has to send the exact number of persons staying in the mobile home, and to indicate the age of minors at the time of their stay in the mobile home. The guest has to provide their complete address when booking so that the invoice and / or bill can be issued.

The booking will be considered valid after the confirmation of the acceptance of the offer and after the payment of the deposit. Within 7 (seven) days after the written confirmation, the guest is obligated to pay at least 30% of the total price of the arrangement on the bank account of TOPENA, unless otherwise stated in the offer.

Bank data:

Account holder: Eurotravel Solutions doo

IBAN: HR94 2340 0091 1105 9169 5


With the deposit of the deposit, the booking is deemed concluded, and TOPENA is obligated to confirm the receipt of the deposit and to issue a voucher to the guest as evidence of the booking.

If the guest does not make the payment of the deposit within the stipulated time after the booking, it will be considered that he has given up on booking and the offer / booking will be invalid.

The difference to the full price of the accommodation is to be paid no later than 30 days prior to the arrival, unless otherwise specified in the offer. With the acceptance of the offer, the booking and the payment of the deposit, it is considered that the guest has also accepted the provisions of the Jezera Mobile Homes house rules published on the web site

Article 3 Accommodation price

The individual price list for Jezera Mobile Homes in the season of 2024 is divided according to season and date and given in Euros, per night and mobile home, and is as follows:

Early Spring

27 Apr - 17 May

60.00 EUR per night


18 May - 14 Jun

90.00 EUR per night

Late Spring

15 Jun - 21 Jun

125.00 EUR per night

Early Summer

22 Jun - 12 Jul

170.00 EUR per night


13 Jul - 23 Aug

205.00 EUR per night

Late Summer

24 Aug - 06 Sep

170.00 EUR per night

Early Autumn

07 Sep - 13 Sep

125.00 EUR per night


14 Sep - 20 Sep

90.00 EUR per night

Late Autumn

21 Sep - 04 Oct

60.00 EUR per night

The price includes the accommodation and use of Jezera Mobile Homes mobile home, parking for one car, bed linens, towels, electricity, water and gas.

The price does not include (unless otherwise agreed): the sojourn tax, the registration fee and the cost of final cleaning, which the guest pays before his departure at the reception of Jezera Village resort.

The booking of the mobile home obliges TOPENA only to provide accommodation in Jezera Mobile Homes under the terms and conditions specified in the offer, except in unforeseeable circumstances such as force majeure (strike, war, extreme weather).

All types of special services (anchorage in the complex, meals etc.) are ordered by the guest and paid at the reception of Jezera Village Holiday Resort, but the guest may also request intermediation of TOPENA with the provider of these services in Jezera Village Holiday Resort.

Should the guest request a special service during his stay in Jezera Mobile Homes, he will settle and pay for this service on site at the reception of the Jezera Village Holiday Resort. Any complaints relating to the special services shall be provided by the guest directly to the service provider, irrespective of whether he provided these services independently or through the intermediary of TOPENA. TOPENA will book special services, which the guest requires, depending on the possibility of implementation. These services will be binding only if TOPENA has explicitly undertaken to carry out the offer.

Article 4 Method of payment

Method of payment for accommodation in Jezera Mobile Homes is cashless payment, by paying deposit into the bank account of TOPENA or by bank transfer to the account of TOPENA.

The currency with which the deposit / accommodation is paid is Euro.

TOPENA does not accept bank charges, which are the guest’s obligation and which vary according to the place and method of payment.

TOPENA does not accept card payments.

Article 5 Voucher

TOPENA is obliged to send a voucher to the guest as confirmation of the booking by e-mail after the receipt of the deposit. The voucher states the number of persons and the date of the stay in the mobile home.

The guest is obligated to submit this voucher upon arrival at Jezera Village at the reception as confirmation of the booking. After the submission of the voucher, the guest will be handed the keys of the mobile house assigned to him.

Article 6 Categorization of accommodation and description of Jezera Mobile Homes

Jezera Mobile Homes are located in the Jezera Village resort (officially categorized with 3 ***) and are the property of TOPENA Jezera Mobile homes consist of ADRIA X-LINER mobile homes which were placed on this location in July 2014. A detailed description of Jezera Mobile Homes can be found on the website TOPENA accepts no liability for any information which does not correspond to the description of the service and the accommodation and which have been received by third parties.

Article 7 Assignment of accommodation in Jezera Mobile Homes

TOPENA determines the allocation of mobile homes. If the guest has not requested a specific mobile house and TOPENA has not confirmed this choice, then the guest will accept any mobile house which may be given to him by TOPENAIf possible, TOPENA will try to meet the guest’s request regarding accommodation in a particular mobile home, but can not guarantee the fulfillment of such a wish.

Article 8 Maximum number of guests

Although Adria X-Liner mobile homes are registered for 4 + 2 people, we recommend accommodating up to 4 adults and one child up to 14 years old who would be accommodated on an additional bed that is part of the living room of the mobile home, for maximum comfort.

Article 9 Pets

Pets are allowed in Jezera Mobile Homes, with prior announcement to TOPENA For the keeping of pets to be allowed the guest pays 10,00 EURO per day at the reception of the Jezera Village Resort.

The guest is expected to keep the pet from damaging Jezera Mobile Homes. The guest will be held responsible for any damage caused by his / her pet.

Article 10 Travel cancellation costs

Should the guest cancel his booking, TOPENA has the right to charge the following amount:

Up to 45 days prior to arrival 50,00 Euros for administrative expenses

From 44 to 22 days before arrival 15% of the total price of the package,

From 21 to 15 days before arrival 30% of the total price of the arrangement,

From 14 to 8 days before arrival 50% of the total price of the arrangement,

From 7 to 1 day before arrival 80% of the total price of the package,

On the day and after the arrival (so-called No show) 100% of the total price of the arrangement.

The change of the arrival date is considered as cancellation of the booking within the meaning of these conditions, unless otherwise agreed. The guest has to notify TOPENA in writing about the cancellation of the booking. The date of the cancellation is considered to be the date of receipt of the notification about the cancellation, and for this reason it is recommended that such notification be sent by e-mail or registered mail to TOPENA If the guest does not cancel the booking in writing, it is assumed that no reimbursement of the remaining money is expected.

Article 11 Travel cancellation insurance

In order to avoid the cost of the guest in case of cancellation of the trip for reasons of illness and the like, it is recommended to take out a travel cancellation insurance. The cost of accommodation does not include the costs of the travel cancellation insurance. TOPENA points out that the cost of such an insurance varies according to the insurance company and recommends the guest to inform himself well before the conclusion of such insurance.

Article 12 Insurance in Jezera Mobile Homes

In Jezera Mobile Homes the guests and their valuables are insured to a certain extent by accident insurance, according to the applicable legal regulations of the Republic of Croatia.

Should any damage to health or objects occur in Jezera Mobile Homes, the guest is obliged to contact the reception of the facility and TOPENA without delay, in order to enable them to act appropriately. A subsequent claim for damages without notification at the time of the event or immediately thereafter shall not be recognized.

Article 13 Travel Documents

Travelers are required to have valid personal travel documents. Invalid documents, which result in a waiver of the booking or an impossibility to check in, are not in any way binding on TOPENA.

Article 14 Complaints, remarks and proposals

It is in the interests of the guest to submit his complaint at the reception of the Jezera Village facility, which will try to rectify any reasonable objection within a reasonable period of time, or correct any possible mistakes. In the event that the problem is not solved within a reasonable period of time after the complaint, the guest has the right to request a confirmation from which it will be apparent that the service has not been properly performed. The confirmation must be enclosed with the written complaint, which the guest can submit no later than 15 days after the end of the journey, by letter or e-mail, to the address of the head office of TOPENA:



Gospe Maslinske 1

23000 Zadar

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +385 (0)23 250 838

Fax: +385 (0)23 643 044

Mob: +385 (0)91 4919 200

If the guest submits a written complaint after the deadline for the complaint, it will not be taken into account. In order to deal with the complaint, one must comply with the rule of the complaint, together with the issuing of a confirmation on the spot and the time limit for submitting the complaint. TOPENAis obliged to send a written reply to the guest within 15 days after the end of the stay. TOPENA may extend the deadline for the reply to the complaint to collect information and check the allegations of complaint with the service provider, but for no longer than an additional 14 days. TOPENA will answer exclusively those complaints, the cause of which could not be eliminated on the spot during the trip. Until TOPENA does not provide a solution the guest waives the mediation of other persons, a judicial institution or the forwarding of the information to the media. The maximum amount of compensation per complaint can only be equal to the amount of the complained part of the services and can not include the services already used and the total amount of the arrangement. In the case of court proceedings, the law of the Republic of Croatia is applicable and the court of jurisdiction is Zadar.

We thank you in advance for all comments, praises and suggestions.

Article 15 Obligations of TOPENA

TOPENA is obliged to take care of the execution of the services as well as the selection of the service provider, with the care of a good host and to take care of the rights and interests of the guests according to the customs of tourism. TOPENA is obligated to provide all services indicated in the offer and is liable in the event of failure to perform the service or a part of the service. TOPENA will provide all the services indicated in its entirety and, in the described manner, except in the case of “force majeure” such as natural disasters, war, unrest, strike, etc. on which TOPENA has no influence. In the case of force majeure, TOPENA will try to reduce the damage to the guest as much as possible. If this is not possible, TOPENA is not obliged to provide services outside the scope of terms of reservation.

Article 16 Guest obligations

The guest is expected to comply with the House Rules of Jezera Mobile Homes and the Jezera Village complex, and cooperate with the representative of TOPENA and the service providers in the Jezera Village facility. In the case of non-compliance with the obligations, the guest is responsible for any damages which may arise as a consequence of such behavior. In such cases, TOPENA holds no responsibility for the damage, and if damage occurs, the guest independently settles the amount of the damage to the owner, to whom the damage occurred.

Article 17 Insurance of tourist accommodation packages

Insurance of the deposit for tourist accommodation packages is concluded with Croatia osiguranje dd, (number of the insurance policy: 078180012868 ) which guarantees that, according to the law on tourist activities (NN 8/96), the guest will be compensated the cost of booking and costs incurred due to the insolvency or bankruptcy of the policyholder. In the event of insolvency or bankruptcy of the accommodation provider, the guest can immediately contact one of the branches of Generali osiguranje d.d. or the headquarters of Croatia osiguranje d.d., Vatroslava Jagića 33, Zagreb (telephon: 01 633 200 or 0800 1884) . The insurance of the deposit allows the guest to directly exercise the right to compensation for the costs incurred in the event of the bankruptcy of the accommodation provider.




Poljana Natka Nodila 1

23000 Zadar

ID CODE : HR – AB – 23 – 110038213

OIB : 49192081997

E-Mail: [email protected]

Fax: +385 (0)23 643 044

Mob: +385 (0)91 4919 200