Walks and hikes

Enjoy the trails across the island Murter

Adventurous hikes or family walks

Choose the trail that fits your walking routines

Paths and trails throughout the whole island offer quite a hiking experience.

Seaside viewpoint with a simple wooden railing and a bench framed by olive tree branches, overlooking the serene Adriatic Sea on Murter Island.

Choose early morning to enjoy the freshness and the scents of the herbs and pine trees surrounding the hiking trails.

Looking down a steep ancient stone staircase leading to the town of Jezera, Murter Island, surrounded by natural vegetation under a stormy sky.

Starting from the Camping Jezera Lovišća you can walk west to Betina and the neighbouring hill Gradina, or you can explore the beautiful trails through nature on the southeastern part of the island Murter.

Peninsula Murtarić

A great walk through the island’s nature

Looking for an adventurous hike with an invigorating walk, fascinating viewpoints and a natural beach to swim? Murtarić offers a complete experience!

Calm waters of the Adriatic Sea bordered by a rocky shore with a view of the hills of Murter Island under a sky scattered with clouds.

Follow the path from the Camping Jezera Lovišća to the bay Lučica and continue to the cove Koromašna and peninsula Murtarić.

Proceed by the seaside up to the bay of St. Nikola and then start your way back through the inland of the island.

You can download the GPX track here.

Walk by the sea

Educational path by the sea from Tisno to Jezera

This route is excellent for a morning or an evening walk as you can stroll along Lovišća beach towards Tisno and continue by the sea to Jezera, get some refreshments and walk the same way back.

A relaxing hammock on a wooden stand by the seaside promenade with a view of the tranquil blue waters and hills of Murter Island.

It is a decent walk, some 5 km in one way, so we recommend a rest on the beaches of the educational trail.

You need your snorkelling equipment to explore the marine educational route following the land one.

Serene waterfront walkway in Jezera with a clear view of the sea, buoy markers, and the lush hills of Murter Island under a partly cloudy sky.

If you prefer an evening walk, do visit some of the excellent restaurants in Tisno or Jezera.

This hike has the potential of a full-day trip, as there is so much to explore on the way.

Surely, you’ll return full of impressions!

Colentum and the Hill Gradina

Discover the oldest towns on the island

Enjoy exploring ancient towns? Are you a passionate historian, or you had dreamt of becoming an archaeologist?

Dramatic cloud formation over a seaside promenade in Jezera, with a view of the Adriatic Sea and a warning sign, as seen from a stone staircase.

The archaeological park Colentum enables an exploration of the history of the area and spreads from the top of the hill Gradina to the seafront.

On the top, besides an exceptional view, you can explore the remains of a Liburni settlement.

Closer to the sea, you’ll be walking through the remains of the Roman town of Colentum.

Informational sign about the Liburnian and Roman Colentum with a relief map, alongside a coastal pathway on Murter Island with a view of the sea and hills in the distance

Bring your snorkelling gear, as the remains of villae rusticae are covered by the sea. After the walk, you can enjoy a swim as the beach stretches next to the Roman remains!