Admire the island’s beauty

Take only memories with you

Discover the natural beauty arround you

Immerse Yourself in the Aromatic Paradise of Murter Island

We know that you love nature and so do we.

Mobile Homes Jezera are surrounded by the scent of pine trees and Dalmatian herbs, like sage and rosemary, typical for this part of the Croatian coastline.

The island Murter is known for its beautiful pine tree forests, olive yards and lovely rock, pebble and sand beaches. We invite you to safeguard it while exploring the islands’ natural heritage.

Scenic view of Jezera on Murter Island with lush greenery in the foreground, a calm Adriatic Sea, and a cloudy sky.

Explore and Protect

The marine life is quite exciting but also quite sensitive. Many species you encounter while snorkelling and diving are protected and it is a pleasure to admite them from a distance.

Close-up of rosemary shrubs with vibrant green needles and delicate blue flowers, indicative of the natural flora in Jezera, Murter Island.

The sea star with it's wonderful colors is most beautiful surrounded by its natural habitat, the sea. It is of the utmost importance to keep them safe because they are becoming one of the most endangered species in the Adriatic Sea.

You might encounter turtles on your hikes. They usually don’t require assistance unless you find them crossing the traffic road.

A Hermann's tortoise emerging from its hiding spot among moss-covered rocks and greenery, a glimpse of wildlife in Jezera, Murter Island

Help would be appreciated, considering your safety first.

We invite you to enjoy the landscape of the island, admire it all and let the beauty of the land and the sea be the place of your rejuvenation and well-being.