House Rules


To ensure you have a pleasant stay in Jezera Mobile Homes and to avoid possible misunderstandings, we ask you to read the house rules. After receiving the booking confirmation, it is assumed that you are familiar with the house rules and agree to them and that you will comply with them in full. A breach of the house rules may result in cancellation of the booking, with payment of the full accommodation price, regardless of the shorter stay.

  • On the day of their arrival, guests must submit their personal documents (passport or ID card) at the reception of the Jezera Village complex for registration in the Tourist Board register. They will be returned within 24 hours or you can leave them at the reception until the end of your stay. On arrival, guests are required to provide the voucher as confirmation of their booking at the reception of the Jezera Village complex and they will be given the keys of their mobile home.
  • The reception of the Jezera Village facility is available to guests during their stay for all the information, complaints and assistance (24 hours). In case of complaints regarding the quality of the accommodation, we advise the guests to contact the reception immediately and / or TOPENA if the causes of the complaint can not be remedied.
  • Guests are responsible for the cleanliness of the mobile home. TOPENA is not required to keep the mobile home clean and tidy or to throw out the garbage during the entire stay of the guest.
  • TOPENA will change the linens every 7 days, and towels twice a week. The owners are not obliged to provide any dish cloths, cleaning products, and cleaning agents.
  • TOPENA is neither obliged nor responsible to organize the leisure time of the guests, and for the entertainment of the guests.
  • Guests are responsible for taking care of their personal belongings and valuables in the accommodation unit. TOPENA will not be held responsible in the event of personal belongings and items being lost. Therefore, we advise guests to always close / lock their doors and windows when they leave the mobile home, and that they keep valuables or documents in the safe at the reception of the Jezera Village complex.
  • TOPENA is not entitled to enter the mobile home during the absence of the guest, except to change the bed linen and towels or to prevent a danger or damage which could arise in the mobile house. In that case, they must inform the guest about it as soon as they return to the accommodation. If TOPENA for any reason, believes that house rules are violated, guests are obliged to allow access to the accommodation in order to verify this.
  • Pets are allowed only with the permission of TOPENA Pets are not allowed without prior notice and in this case, TOPENA has right to cancel the booking. The guests are responsible for any damage caused by their pets, and they undertake to remove their droppings inside, outside and near the house as well as at the beach. If it is agreed that the pets will be outside the mobile home, guests are not allowed to leave the pets in the mobile home.
  • It is not allowed to bring weapons, flammable and explosive substances as well as products with a strong and unpleasant odour and legally forbidden opiates and substances into the mobile home and keep them there.

We ask the guests to note that our mobile homes are intended for non-smokers and that smoking of cigarettes and other tobacco products is permitted only on the terrace of the mobile home . Children and minors are strictly forbidden to consume alcohol and tobacco products in the mobile home and in the Jezera Village complex.

  • We ask guests to pay attention to accommodation and furniture inside and outside the accommodation. Guests are not allowed to move the furniture or carry it to another mobile house, to the terrace or to the beach (e.g. cutlery in another dwelling unit, towels or blankets on the beach) except the table and the chairs, that can be taken out on the terrace.
  • When leaving the mobile home, the guests are obliged to switch off all lights and electrical appliances, turn off the gas and water. While you are staying outside the mobile home, we ask you not to turn on the air conditioner if this is not necessary and close the door and windows while the air conditioning system is running to conserve energy and protect the environment. It is not allowed to cool food and drinks with running water from the tap. It is forbidden to dispose of foodstuffs in toilet bowls, sinks and other places which are not intended for this purpose, or outside of the mobile home or in the vicinity, except in the containers provided for this purpose.
  • It is strictly forbidden that any other person other than a registered guest resides inside or outside the mobile home. If any other person other than a registered guest resides in a mobile home, TOPENA has the right to cancel the booking of all guests.
  • The guest who intentionally or accidentally damages the property will pay the full amount of the damage incurred to TOPENA. TOPENA may require the guest to make a deposit as damage insurance. The deposit will be returned to the guest in full on the day of his / her departure, if no damage to and in the mobile home was caused by its conduct, i.e. if guests leave the mobile home in the same condition as they have encountered it.
  • If the guest intends to arrive after 20:00 on the first day they are obliged to inform TOPENA or the reception of Jezera Village Resort to avoid that TOPENA offers accommodation to other guests, thinking that the original guest gave up on booking.
  • On the day of departure, guests must leave the mobile home by 10:00 at the latest, so that TOPENA has sufficient time to prepare the mobile home for the next guests, which can arrive from 16:00. The guests are obliged to leave the mobile home in the same state in which they have found it, neat and undamaged.
  • Guests are requested not to disturb the rest of the other guests in the complex from 14:00 to 17:00 and from 22:00 to 8:00.
  • TOPENA and Jezera Village may terminate the stay and the booking of guests, which violate the house rules. In such a case, the guest will pay the total amount of the booking, regardless of the shorter stay.
  • With the start of the use of the accommodation, it is assumed that the guest is familiar with the house rules and that he accepts the obligations and conditions. Any problem that that can not be solved on the spot with TOPENA or Jezera Village may result in police intervention or intervention of court in Zadar. An objection shall be deemed valid, only in the event that the guest immediately informed TOPENA or the reception of Jezera Village of the reason for the objection, and if the objection has not been resolved within a reasonable period. If the reason for the complaint has not been solved, the guest has the right to complain to the owner within 15 days after the end of the stay. Subsequent complaints will not be considered.

If you have any complaints, please contact Jezera Village or the owner at the following address:


Gospe Maslinske 1

23000 Zadar

00385 (0) 23 254 838

The staff of Jezera Village and TOPENA wishes you a pleasant stay.