When the sea meets your feet

Merge with the blueness

Beach - the central summer point

Enjoying the sun and the sea

Imagine yourself lying on a pebble beach, nestled perfectly between the rocks.

View of a lively beach scene with sunbathers, swimmers, and pine trees, with a cafe terrace in the foreground in Jezera, Murter

The rhythmical sound of the waves crashing and the crickets chirping from the surrounding pine trees create a beautiful meditative melody.

Aerial view of Jezera holiday resort in Murter, featuring a crescent-shaped beach lined with boats, mobile homes nestled in greenery, and clear blue waters.

You can feel the sun’s warmth on your skin.

The crystal clear water is irresistibly inviting for a refreshing swim. Feel the salty breeze? It’s a bliss.

Lovišća beach

Guaranteed fun for the whole family!

Lovišće is a gently sloping pebble beach nestled inside a serene resort, sheltered from the summer winds by a deep sand bay.

Visitors enjoying the sunny beach with inflatable toys in the water, with a view of the resort's stone facade in the background at Jezera, Murter

This beach is more than 500 meters long and offers quite a few amenities for a daily fun.

You can rent sun umbrellas and loungers to relax, or you can participate in aqua aerobics, and other water sports like kayaking or SUP board.

This beach is perfect for families as there are shallow parts where children can safely play in the water and enjoy the soft sand.

Tranquil beachfront with bathers and concrete piers leading into the sparkling blue waters of Jezera, with lush greenery in the background.

And don't worry about leaving your furry friend behind - there's a dog-friendly beach nearby too.

In the evening, you can take a walk along the seaside and feel the refreshing summer breeze, or enjoy dining on the lovely terrace of an à la carte restaurant.

Imagine starting your day by jumping straight from your bed into the warm crystal-clear sea. Get ready for a vacation you'll never forget!

Čigrađa, a Beach to remember

Enjoy a day trip to the beautiful natural beach

If you're planning to visit Čigrađa beach from the Jezera Lovišća camp, which is more than 5 km away, you'll need a car or a bike, depending on your preferences.

Colorful beach bucket with a shovel on the pebble shore, with blurred bathers and sparkling sea in the background, symbolizing summer beach fun.

Follow the main road via the town of Murter to reach this beach. It's worth making a half-day trip and exploring the southern part of the island of Murter.

Along with Kosirina and Slanica beaches, Čigrađa is perfect for couples and families, as there is a shallow area with sand beneath their feet.

Crystal-clear wave cresting onto a pebble beach with the lush green hills of Murter Island in the distance under a blue sky.

You will find a mix of rocks and pebble beaches along the bay, with a beautiful clean sea. There are a couple of excellent coffee shops and restaurants at the beginning of the bay, ensuring that you won't lack fresh local food.

You can enjoy a breathtaking sunset as well. So, pack your backpack and spend the day at Čigrađa beach!

Koromašna cove

Transparent sea with a view to the open sea

If you are looking for a natural beach with pebbles, rocks, pine trees and a crystal-clear sea, then Koromašna is a perfect spot.

Rocky shore with waves lapping against the rocks, framed by pine branches, overlooking the scenic coastline and mountains in the distance

Just imagine standing on a small beach surrounded by Mediterranean greenery and remains of dry walls.

The bay in front of you is incredibly blue, and you can enjoy the view of the islands far out on the open sea and the white sails of the boats.

You can reach this beach either by bike or by hiking through the well-maintained gravel path that runs through the landscape, between the olive yards and typical Dalmatian greenery.

Rusty metal ladder descending into the clear, turquoise sea off the rocky shore, inviting swimmers to take a dip in the calm waters

It's important to remember that there are no amenities on this beach, so you should make sure to bring enough water and some food if you plan to spend time there.

However, this beach is a perfect place to enjoy the sun's warmth and take invigorating swims in the sea. Don't forget to bring your snorkelling gear!