Focusing on Murter

A small collection of good spots where you can take some great photos.

Say “cheeeese”

Rediscover your talent for photography

If you find taking photos relaxing and fun, you’ll find many locations on the island of Murter to be incredible scenery.

Blue door on white building  with black handles. Text on the building says "40 PALIH BORACA"

Old churches on the top of the hills with splendid panoramic view, cobble streets and stone houses of authentic Dalmatian villages, old wooden boats in Murter’s port and not to forget the sunset you can admire from the beaches on the southern part of the island.

Stone house with a terrace, next to a street.

All of that is yours to discover while staying in your holiday home.


Climb the hill, explore the history and take photos like no other

Have you ever felt the joy of standing on the top of a hill and admiring the landscape far in the distance? You can experience this by standing on the viewpoint of a 125 meter high Raduč hill.

View on a town on the Island of Murter with ocean in the background.

After a moderate climb from the town of Murter, take a deep breath of air filled with the scent of salt and pine trees and enjoy the view of Murter’s Sea and Kornati islands on the horizon.

Any time of the day is good to visit, but sunset will provide colourful scenery for the best photo opportunity.

In addition to being a stunning viewpoint, Raduč hill hides a military complex dating back to the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, featuring a system of tunnels with one of the entrances designed by a local artist, making it a brilliant photography spot.

Wooden bench overlooking the sea. There is an olive tree next to the bench.

Add conquering this hilltop to your "what to do in Murter" list!

Betina. Insanely Instagrammable.

A place to fall in love with!

Are you curious about what an authentic Dalmatian town looks like? Look no further than Betina.

Narrow street in an old town. There is a blue sign with white text that says "ULICA GET" on the wall.

This picturesque village is interwined with old, narrow stone streets that lead to the parish church situated at the top of a slight hill. Streets are full of interesting details, such as wooden shutters on the windows, red roofs and marvellous stone houses, both old and renovated ones, each keeping its specific Mediterranean charm.

Betina's harbour is a safe one, protecting boats from the winds and oblivion. In the port, you'll see traditional wooden boats, still produced manually in several family-owned shipyards on the island.

A row of colorful wooden boats docked in a harbor. The text "MU 612" is visible on the hull of the closest boat. In the background, there is a building with a red roof.

The boats in the port are a part of the exhibits of the nearby Museum of Traditional Shipbuilding, where you can learn everything about this ancient craft and become a part of the important role of safekeeping of this knowledge and tradition.

Betina is an enchanting place that will charm you forever and let it do so, you won't regret it.

Jezera church of St. Konstancije

The best view of Jezera and the surroundings

There is a beautiful and easily accessible spot in Jezera where you can take a peaceful morning walk and capture some great photos.

Small stone church on top of a hill, overlooking the ocean.

The St. Konstance church is located on a hill just outside the town and was built in the 18th century to honour this martyr.

Legend has it that people were cured of malaria while carrying heavy blocks of stone to the top of the hill for the church to be built.

The sanctuary was rebuilt in the 20th century and remains a beloved site for locals.

Stone path winding uphill through trees.

To reach the church, you can follow a newly built path from the main road and enjoy the quiet surroundings as you walk towards the hill.

After visiting the church, before heading back to the campsite, you can take a paved street back to Jezera and stop by one of the village pastry shops to get some breakfast.

Another option is to continue to explore nearby natural bays like Koromašna or St. Nikola’s Bay. There are well-marked gravel footpaths that lead to these beaches, and you can bring your swimming equipment and a picnic to enjoy a full day on the southeastern side of the island of Murter.

Overall, this is a lovely photography location and a refreshing way to spend your day on the island of Murter.