Events all year round

Seasonal reasons to return to Murter

A source of fun

Entertainment for the whole family

Murter island is an exciting place to visit with different events organised yearly.

An outdoor magic show performance captivates a young audience seated in a semi-circle at night. The magician, dressed in classic attire with a top hat, and an assistant in a sparkly costume, are on stage decorated with a 'Casper Magic Show' backdrop, surrounded by colorful props and lights, creating an enchanting atmosphere.

Even though the summer period is the most vibrant one, when all the natural beauties are shown in the most vivid colours, other seasons of the year offer a variety of events, making the stay in Jezera Mobile Homes worthwhile.

Colorful confetti on a concert in Murter Jezera

If you wish to discover the way of life of the island Murter's residents, their customs and cultural heritage, you should visit the island throughout the year.

Starting with the winter period when Carnival festivities are held to the Murter's wedding in the summer and the famous Latin sail regatta held in autumn. Find your favourite event!

The Carnival in Murter

The fifth and funniest season of the year

The carnival in Murter has a name of its own - "Murterske bake" and a long tradition. It has been chasing the winter away for over a century.

3 guys in costumes for the carnival

The carnival festivities are very popular in the local community, being the time dedicated to friends and family in a fun and creative way.

You don't have to wear a mask to be invited to parties in local bars. But if you wear at least a simple costume for the “Pokladni utorak”, a Carnival Tuesday procession, you will blend in the best winter party ever!

Just watching the elaborate outfits and masks presented in the procession will make you laugh and awe.

Woman smiling

The main character of the procession is called Krnje and represents all the bad things that happened in the past year. Carnival groups walk together with this giant character from the old town of Murter, where they all gather, towards the marina, where each presents their custom-made costumes.

After judging and burning Krnje for all his evil deeds, the carnival dance begins.

So, bring your mask and join the party! Let’s welcome the spring together!

Sailors’ Ball and Lantina

Join Jezera Manifestations

Dedicated to the sea, sailors and sailing, these two manifestations guard the cultural heritage of the island Murter and Jezera town.

Gajeta, a form of boat that was strong and wide enough to transport people, animals, like sheep and donkeys, and goods to the mainland and to Kornati islands, and it was at the same time light enough for navigating with a latin sail and manoeuvrable by rowing.

Photo of a harbor with docked boats. In the foreground is a small blue-trimmed wooden boat. Behind it is a larger white cabin boat

Gajeta was extremely important for people from the island of Murter. For centuries, this sort of boat was a precious good for the families whose livelihoods depended on it.

Today's manifestations and regattas Latinsko idro in Murter and Lantina in Jezera are dedicated to the memory of the ancestors' way of life and skills and knowledge that need to be preserved for future generations.

Close-up of a thick brown rope coiled around a weathered wooden post on a boat.

The Sailors' Ball is a traditional event that takes place in Jezera every year in May. It has been organized since the 19th century to celebrate the first voyage of a young sailor.

Back then, people would gather in the evening to support the sailor and celebrate his recruitment by giving a ball, which would usually last the entire night. The next morning, they would wait for the ship and see the sailor off.

Today, this festivity offers a traditional Jezera's Sailors' Ball dance presented by a local folklore society. It is an evening to remember!

Od vale do vale

Having fun cycling from cove to cove

If you enjoy participating in local humanitarian events, the traditional cycling event Od vale do vale - From cove to cove is tailor-made for you! It follows a 21 km long road trail connecting all the coves of the islands' northern part, from Jezera to Betina.

A couple cycling by a pond, enjoying a leisurely ride together on a sunny day.

It is more than a cycling event as it always has a humanitarian aspect, with the participation fee spent on a good cause.

It is also an exciting day for the whole family with a bike race for children and traditional games for adults.

The important part of the event is obviously fun, as everything finishes with music and dancing, but a notable part of the event is free entrance to local museums.

Two individuals cycling on a dirt path.

Cycling, fun, games for the whole family, heritage and music, what more can one ask for? See you in June!